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What is Space-A?

Space-A is short for "space available" travel on government owned or contracted aircraft.  Under the Space-A program, eligible passengers can fill unused seats on DoD owned or contracted aircraft once all of the duty passengers have been accommodated.  With patience and flexibility, you can travel the world very inexpensively.

Success with Space-A travel depends on flexibility and good timing.  Since Space-A passengers travel only after all duty passengers and air cargo have been accommodated, there is no guarantee that a flight will have enough seats for every potential customer.  Space-A passengers should be prepared with sufficient financial resources to cover the costs of lodging and alternative transportation should seats not be available.

Remember , "space available" travel is just that - space that is available only after all mission requirements are fulfilled.

There is no guarantee Many questions can be answered with the "frequent questions" link to the left.

What is the Process?

Space-A passengers must register (sign-up) with the departure passenger terminal.  Sign-up can be performed online, by electronic mail, postal mail, fax or in person.  When you register, you will be assigned a category of travel.  Selection for travel is based on your assigned category and the date/time of your sign-up.  Your sign-up is valid for 60 days or for the duration of your leave orders or authorization, whichever occurs first.

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